Seven Days of Dream Car Garages: Day Four by Stephen Elmer

10. Dodge Magnum SRT8

Assembling a list like this is actually a hard thing to do. Surprising as that may seem, putting together the perfect combination of vehicles, imaginary as it may be, needs to be carefully assembled, thought through, with each option weighed and considered. So submitted for your reading pleasure, here is what my garage would look like, if I could have any vehicle I wanted.

A 4,300-lb wagon that can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds? Yes please. There are few station wagons capable of this performance, and even fewer that wear an American badge. The Dodge Magnum SRT8 is loaded with 425 hp of HEMI power, accompanied by 420 lb-ft of torque. And with all that power going to the rear wheels, this family hauler promises a ton of fun.

Plus with the iconic cross-hair grille, and some bold style, I would venture to say the Dodge Magnum is the king of bad-ass wagons.

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Pencil Shavings says:

this guy is the real mother trucker