2013 Ford Focus Electric Discounted up to $10,750

There’s good news for anyone thinking about leasing a Ford Focus Electric – the maker is offering big discounts if you’re willing to take one. 

Take up to $10,750 off the price – that’s how Ford is hoping to help the electric version of its compact car move from dealers to driveways.  According to the brand’s consumer site, the discount will be available until April 1 and it also says customers can qualify for $285-per-month lease rates on a 36-month agreement. That brings the car’s price down to $29,245 including delivery.

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That’s still an awful lot more than the entry-level Focus that customers can get into for $16,995, but it brings the car closer to its competition. Nissan had something up its sleeve for the 2013 Leaf. Last week during the Detroit Auto Show, the maker announced that it’s electric car would cost $28,800 rather than the 2012 model’s $35,200 starting price.

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Ford is likely feeling pressured as a recent entrant to the low-volume, high-cost electric car market. After federal tax credits, Nissan’s new price means buyers can get the car for under $19,000.

High prices have been one of the most significant factors holding electric cars back from better sales aside from issues like sparse charging infrastructure.

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