2013 Pickup Truck Preview Video: 2013 Detroit Auto Show

The half-ton truck segment is heating up in 2013, with the introduction of all-new GM pickups, and the anticipation of a new Toyota Tundra, and maybe even a new Nissan Titan.

The General has yet to announce its power numbers (they are expected out in the first quarter of 2013), but executives at the company claim that their new lineup of Ecotec3 engines is going to be very competitive.

Ford’s EcoBoost turbocharged engines set the bar in the truck industry, and left everyone else in the dust. Now, Ram has outfitted its trucks with an eight-speed transmission, stop/start, airbag suspension, and active aerodynamics to try and take its trucks to the top of the heap.

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News Editor and unofficial truck guy Stephen Elmer takes a quick look around the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, detailing the new GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado, and how they will stack up to the competition.

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