2014 Toyota Corolla to Get 40 MPG, Sporty Handling


There’s a new standard in the compact sedan category and in order to be seen as a leader in the segment, hitting 40 mpg is a must. The 2014 Toyota Corolla will do just that.

“It will hit that magic number,” a Toyota representative told AutoGuide this week at the Detroit Auto Show, hinting at the 40 mpg number touted by the competition. “Maybe even a tick or two above,” he continued.

While 40 mpg might seem like old news, cars that achieve that lofty fuel economy level are far less common than one might think. While both the Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra and Chevy Cruze are capable of 40 mpg and above, that number is only possible on optional high fuel economy packages. The Mazda3 is also in the 40 mpg club, but only on the optional SkyActiv models. And as for the Elantra, a car that Hyundai touted would get 40 mpg regardless of trim level or transmission choice, it has since been downgraded to 38 mpg, below the Honda Civic at 39 mpg (which at the time was criticized heavily for not meeting the Elantra).

Along with sitting at the top of the fuel economy performance heap, Toyota is also promising driving enjoyment to match. Speaking to our same source he described driving the car as closer to a Focus or Mazda3 in terms of handling dynamics.

To drive that point home, Toyota will showcase another version of the car later this year, detailing a sporty trim package. Don’t look for any of the Furia’s carbon fiber, and the wheels will shrink too, but do expect that the production 2014 Corolla will stay true to the overall design of this concept.

GALLERY: Toyota Corolla Furia Concept