Autonomous Cars a Reality this Decade: Audi Boss says

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Audi demonstrated its self-driving vehicles that brand boss Rupert Stadler thinks will be a reality on our roads sometime in the next decade. 

“We are assuming that a series-built vehicle with a piloted driving function will be technically feasible this decade,” said Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. He says the next step is working toward legislation that governs responsibility and liability for self-driving vehicles. Audi has already been approved to test its autonomous tech on public roads in Nevada, but bridging the gap between one state and the entire country could be a much bigger challenge.

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Audi piloted driving is a suite of different technologies that come together to control the car.  It is made up of adaptive cruise control with a stop and go function, active lane assist, side assist, night vision assist, park assist, speed limit display, and Audi pre sense.

The pre sense system takes in information from the car’s electronic stability control features, and acts according to the situation. For example, if the brakes are applied quickly and heavily, pre sense will assume a collision is coming and the system will activate the hazard warning lights and begin to close the windows and sunroof as well as pretensioning the seat belts.

“For a progressive brand like Audi, the driver will always be able to decide himself when he wants assistance,” Stadler said, underscoring that the driver will not lose full control to the car while behind the wheel.

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