BMW 1 Series ActiveE Recalled: 360 Units Affected

BMW is recalling 360 of its low-volume electric 1 Series ActiveE compact cars because of a problem with the drivetrain assembly. 

Affected vehicles might have a poorly assembled driveshaft housing that could be improperly sealed. That could lead to a lack of grease on the components that sends power from the motor to the transmission. In that event, it could lead to a sudden loss of power and possibly a crash.

The maker already began notifying customers by phone,  and vehicles on dealer lots will be inspected for the problem. The necessary repairs will be carried out for free through BMW’s dealer network.

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Part of a field-trial leasing program, the 1 Series ActiveE is a low-volume vehicle. BMW announced a delayed launch for the vehicle’s lease program about a year ago and at that time there were only 700 cars up for grabs.

Especially given the close contact BMW seems to keep with these owners, affected drivers can expect a call soon if it hasn’t already arrived. Otherwise, drivers with further questions can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Safety Hotline at (888) 327-4236, or BMW directly at (800) 525-7417.

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