Bob Lutz’s Lotus Evora S Now For Sale

Bob Lutz of former General Motors vice chairman fame enjoyed a short stint on the advisory board of Lotus, and one of the perks of signing on to the British automaker’s board was to get an Evora of his own to drive.

But now that Lutz is no longer with the company, his specially commissioned Evora S is up for sale at a dealership in Sarasota, Florida. The 2012 Motorsport Green Evora S 2+2 was the only one of its kind built last year, sporting a similar scheme to what was seen in 2011 with the 4 Heritage Edition cars.

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It looks like Lutz didn’t think much of the car. According to the listing, the vehicle only has 40 miles on it and comes equipped with a backup camera, Fgd Design Wheels, power folding mirrors, premium sport package, Heritage stripes, Star Shield, and Technology Package. At retail price, it was $95,015 – what the dealership is asking for it now.

[Source: Lotus Talk]

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