California Kids Can win a Dart for Not Dodging School

It can pay to have a perfect attendance record for sa group of California high school students.

For the second consecutive year, family-owned Victorville Motors is running the “Its a Gas to go to Class” program, which offers students the chance at a new car… provided they haven’t missed any class. Students with a perfect attendance record are eligible to enter a raffle that takes place during a day-long festival in the spring. Prizes in the raffle include two new Dodge Dart compact sedans.

Participating schools say the contest has already had a significant positive impact by boosting perfect attendance fourfold. In California, where state funding is partially decided by attendance records, that translates into fatter budgets to the tune of more than $1 million last year.

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Last year, perfect attendance leaped from between 15 and 20 students, according to district superintendent Elvin Momon, to several hundred.

This year there are more jumping to participate in the program – six districts with a total 12 high schools. Even students that don’t win one of the two cars stand to win some sort of prize. For example, students with perfect records midway through the year are can win smaller prizes like gift cards.

The program is paying off for the dealer as well. It reports having sold “over 50 vehicles on the program during the first year, mostly to educators who were delighted to see a local business helping out with its local schools,” Watts said.

[Source: Automotive News]

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