Fisker Seeks Strategic Partners in China

Fisker is falling on some rough times and it appears that the American electric automaker is getting desperate, seeking strategic partners in China as well as funding.

Fisker hasn’t built a single vehicle in over six months, and 2012 was an ugly year for the company. From issues with their vehicles, to fire claims, to the bankruptcy of battery supplier A123, the future is not looking bright. Fisker hopes to find salvation in China, where the government is ramping up its market for electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

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According to inside sources, Fisker has negotiated with China Grand Automotive Services Co., a large dealership group, to have its vehicles sold in China. It is also in discussion with Wanxiang Group, the company that won the auction for A123 Systems.

China hopes to have half-a-million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles onto the roadways by 2015. Even more ambitious is a five-million figure for 2015.

Whether or not help comes from China, Fisker has to find something soon. It has sold about 2,000 vehicles since its launch in late 2011 and is still looking for additional funding to help get its Atlantic production off the ground. Most importantly however, the American automaker needs to locate some strategic partners to help bring down costs in production, as well as sharing technology.

[Source: Reuters]

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