Ford Atlas Concept Previews Next-Gen F-Series


Trying to steal some eyes from the General’s new half-tons, Ford rolled out a new truck concept today in Detroit called the Atlas, which showcases some new innovation coming to the next generation of Ford’s pickup trucks. 

Although no power train details were divulged, a new-generation of EcoBoost engine is promised, which will feature stop-start technology for improved fuel economy. Improved aerodynamics will also be fighting on the fuel economy front, as the Atlas features active grille shutters, active wheel shutters, a drop-down front-air dam and power running boards. The active wheel shutters hide themselves when the trucks are at low speeds for style, but they emerge from behind the wheels at highway speeds to improve the airflow.

With an even more robust and muscular look, the Atlas has a wider stance than the current Ford trucks, and it features a new take on the brand’s classic grille.

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Functionality has been improved as well, with a new version of Ford’s bed-step that can be extended vertically to carry long loads such as boards or ladders. Tie-down points have been integrated into the box walls and floors, and 110-volt outlets have been added in the bed to help charge power tools. LED lights are fitted inside and outside the truck bed, lighting up not only the cargo area, but also the work area surrounding the truck.

For towing, dynamic hitch assist adds visual cues to the trucks rear-view camera display to make it possible to hitch up alone. A 360-degree bird’s eye view camera function is also available, making it easier to maneuver the truck and trailer into tighter space.

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GALLERY: Ford Atlas Concept Live

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GALLERY: Ford Atlas Concept


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Jeri says:

does it come with 8 foot bed?

Sohdebrix says:

Are they gonna release a single cab atlas xD ?!

Mvanderploeg1 says:

Where is the salesman? I want to place my order today .
Hope it will be offered in YELLOW,

Matts Persic says:

I just don’t understand why you need to put mood lighting in a truck… or multiple LCD screens… isn’t that just more electronics to repair five years down the line?  And at a huge expense.  If mood lighting is a must, I just hope it does NOT spill over to the F-250/350/450/550.

David Teegail says:

too much tecnolocrap, which will break down in a few yrs, not to mention these things will drain the battery. like what is this?! the Starship Enterprise edition?! all i need is a truck! i don’t need GPS, DVD, LCD screens, lights in trunk bed, leather seats, all this is bullsh#t, I’M A MAN! the only technolocrap  i want in my truck is a radio, that’s it!! ok Ford!! i don’t need Warp engines, i don’t like your crappy EcoShitBoost…. anyways i’m going w/ the 2013 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner, it’s a no [email protected] truck. thanks anyways Ford.

Markus Jones says:

I dig it.