Ford Grows Hybrid Segment Market Share to New Record

While achieving an all-time monthly sales record in December with 3,244 Fusion Hybrids sold, Ford is expected to shatter that number in January with a projected 5,500 units sold.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid’s success has helped Ford capture more of the hybrid market share, with it jumping nearly nine percentage points from December 2011 to December 2012. Toyota on the other hand, saw its share of the hybrid vehicle segment drop eight points. Also with the help of the C-Max Hybrid, Ford automaker currently has a 16-percent share of the hybrid market.

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In the fourth quarter of 2012, Ford sold 19,554 hybrid vehicles and according to the American automaker, Ford Fusion Hybrid buyers are five years younger than buyers of the previous Fusion Hybrid model. The average age for new Fusion Hybrid buyers is 48 years old while Toyota Camry Hybrid buyers have an average age of 54. Plus, 22 percent of Fusion Hybrid buyers are under the age of 35 – surely a testament to its contemporary styling. On average, the Fusion Hybrid is turning over in just 10 days on the dealership lot.

GALLERY: 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2013-Ford-Fusion-Hybrid-1.JPG2013-Ford-Fusion-Hybrid- profile.JPG2013-Ford-Fusion-Hybrid- rear-off-angle.JPG2013-Ford-Fusion-Hybrid-front-3q3.JPG2013-Ford-Fusion-Hybrid-front-3q2.JPG2013-Ford-Fusion-Hybrid-front-side.JPG

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