Honda Civic, Accord and CR-V to Share Platform

Following in the tire treads of automakers like Volkswagen and Ford, Honda is planning to share vehicle platforms with an expanding number of models as it seeks to reduce costs while growing sales dramatically over the next few years.

While the Civic and CR-V are loosely related, the two share little with the mid-size Accord. That, however, will all change when the next-generation of products is rolled out some time around 2015 to 2017.

Currently the Civic and CR-V share 20 percent of their parts, while the two compact vehicles share almost nothing with the larger Accord. The plan is to ensure parts sharing reaches anywhere from 40% to 50% for the next-generation models. In total, the three models account for 40 percent of Honda’s global sales.

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Included in the new plan, Honda is also planning significant growth over the next few years, targeting global sales of 6 million units by 2016, up 50 percent from last year.

Similar plans have already been put in place by global rivals, with Ford’s new C-platform set to underpin a total of 10 vehicles globally, while Volkswagen’s new MQB platform will be equally as widespread among its product lineup, underpinning everything from the next-generation Golf and Passat, to even models from Audi, like the A3.

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[Source: FoxBusiness]