Hyundai Genesis Coupe to get V8 or Turbo V6


Hyundai’s current Genesis coupe range is one answer to the muscle car question, but is it the right one?

Maybe not, and it seems like Hyundai would say the same thing. North American brand boss John Krafcik recently said the brand is currently deciding between a naturally aspirated V8 or a turbocharged six cylinder engine for the next generation of its sport coupe. Should the V8 be chosen, it would likely be a modified version of the 5.0-liter unit currently available in the R-Spec Genesis sedan.

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While there isn’t space to accomodate that powerplant under the current car’s hood, Hyundai emphasized how little it thought of under hood capacities at the 2011 SEMA Show when it had exactly that on display.

Rumors have already been cropping up about the transmission slated for the new Genesis as well. Arguably the biggest performance sticking point for the brand to date – Hyundai’s manual transmissions are disappointing. That could all change with the new car if rumblings about a new, rev-matching, manual turn out to be true.

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Hyundai brought its HCD-14 concept to this year’s Detroit Auto Show, but Krafcik confirmed that it isn’t the new Genesis sedan. Despite that, he told Automobile that there is room in the Hyundai portfolio for its four-door coupe styling. That still leaves questions about the brand’s next luxury sedan, which he said will debut in another year at the Detroit show.

[Source: Automobile]

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Tre Deuce says:


Patsg6685 says:

Turbos are almost too much fun. Turbo all the way

DiamondDave says:

V8 – RSpec
V6 turbo as a option in other models.

Patsg6685 says:

With a v8 the build is already over. Maybe intake exhaust headers. with v6 turbo the possiblities are endless, when you start uping the boost. If there is a v6 turbo, it will be no more than one year till someone builds and tunes it for 1000hp. Some tuners already got the 4 cyclinder gen coupe up to like 600hp.

Phakt says:

Hard to say with all the new MPG requirements coming out.  Mazda dropped their new RX7 project due to MPG requirements. They are now trying to incorporate rotary with a hybrid design.

biggums says:

v8 = cam, ported heads, headers, possibly spray setups. helllls yaaaaaa

Steve2016 says:

I currently have a 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track…..I was disappointed they didn’t come out with the V8 this year like they previously hinted at last year…..but I would MUCH rather have a V6 turbo….the tuning possibilities would be endless!!!

SmittyWaggy says:

They better not scratch the manual completely. The car will FLOP.

BillyMas says:

Is this news? This was reported last year. The article does not attribute any new sources of information. Even if it’s true, it might not happen till 2015 or beyond, when the then current price of gas may alter Hyundai’s thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as excited as you, but till there is any hard evidence it’s happening, it remains conjecture that does nothing but drive web traffic to

Emmess1 says:

As the owner of a 2010 3.8, I think it’s ridiculous to spend the money for a gilded lilly when you can buy a real sports car. The spruced up version of the coupe drops so much in value the first year that it’s a bum deal when you can have a Porsche or even a Mazda and not take a hit.

monear says:

you take a lot of the hit with the Porsche up front.i agree with you if you have the money though.

go4it says:

As much thunder-rumble-fun as the 5.0 V8 would be, ya gotta think 21st century technology & dynamics. A X.X liter V6 with dual twin-scroll turbos, a big air-liquid-air intercooler & packing close to 520-525hp at “full song”, yet driveable and somewhat reasonable on fuel (keep your right foot under control!) is the *only* way to go.

If they play their cards right, they could make a *very* affordable “iron fist in a velvet glove” Genesis GT coupe that could slice-n-dice most 5L V8 pony cars. Torque is the name of the game; torque is what gets the s#it done! – and a 3.2 – 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 could be produced to have GOBS of it – literally, “pull-the-knobs-off-the-radio” sort of torque!