Lexus IS Wagon Not Being Considered: Exec

Despite rumors that Lexus might have been contemplating the idea of bringing back a Sport Cross variant of its IS, the Japanese automaker has gone on the record stating that it’s not under consideration and probably never will be.

Wagons have never been a popular product in America, but out in Europe, they do quite well. Lexus however is pointing at the rough European economy as a good reason to not even consider an IS wagon variant at the moment. In addition, the Japanese automaker also stated that it’s currently not thinking about a four-door coupe either, despite the popularity in the marketplace thanks to German automakers such as Audi and Mercedes.

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Instead, Lexus would rather focus on the sports car market according to Kazuo Ohara, executive vice president of Lexus International. That means a rival to the BMW 4-Series is something Lexus is deeply considering, which is no surprise given the recent LF-CC concepts.

“We’re not thinking about it now, not just now,” Ohara said. “The main market for wagon [body-style] is the European market. But because of currency issues, Euro issues, I don’t think it is still viable as a business with the current exchange rate.”

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