Lexus Not Rushing to Bring Sub-RX Crossover to US

With other luxury automakers rushing to get a sub-compact crossover out the door, Lexus‘ US Vice President seems content with where the brand’s bigger SUV currently stands.

Speaking with at the Detroit Auto Show, Mark Templin, Lexus USA Vice President, responded to questions of a sub-RX crossover saying that, “We could go smaller than the RX,” but argued that now just isn’t the time.

Templin explained that the RX covers a wide spectrum of market segments (due both to its larger size and competitive price), and with it standing on-top of the luxury crossover segment in terms of sales, the brand isn’t aggressively in pursuit of a smaller vehicle.

While Templin didn’t say it, a smaller, more affordable vehicle could steal sales away from the RX making the vehicle lose its pole position in its segment.

The comments downplaying the brand’s move to small luxury crossovers contradict a recent admission from Lexus International, which mentioned that a small-SUV concept vehicle from Lexus could show up at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show in November. 

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Templin did mention that Lexus is staying out of the brawl between the small-luxury vehicles from German competition like the upcoming BMW 1-series, Mercedes-Benz A-class and Audi A1.

“We have the CT200h, which is actually a bit bigger than those vehicles,” he said, mentioning that its hybrid powertrain puts the small Lexus out of the same class as those cars.

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