McLaren P1 Spits Flames in Test Track Video


McLaren is still in the process of fine tuning its P1 supercar at the track and on the road, and the brand has just released some video footage of the car undergoing testing. 

Unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the brand promised 1,320 lbs of downforce from the car and set a high bar for the P1 . Using its collective knowledge from years of F1 racing knowledge and Formula 1-derived dynamics simulation tools, the company is honing its next great sports car to deliver a product capable of competing at the top tier of the automotive world.

Not alone in its endeavor, McLaren has teamed up with Akebono on a highly-efficient braking system, Pirelli on high performance tires and Mobil 1 on leading cooling, lubrication and hydraulic fluids.

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Engine details are still unknown, though the 3.8-liter V8 powering the 12C is the mostly likely candidate for the P1. It is also rumored that the car will feature a KERS regenerative braking system that will be able to deliver temporary power boosts. Overall power is expected to be around 800 hp.

McLaren even paid special attention to the camouflage on the P1 prototype in the video, as all those little squiggly lines are actually some of the world’s most famous race tracks, all laid over one another to create camo graphics.

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