Next-Gen Nissan Titan to get New Engines, Model Options


Nissan is working to redesign its half-ton pickup, the Titan, and we now know that when the truck debuts, it will have more engine options and more models to choose from. 

The Titan has gone almost untouched since its inception in 2003, and is in need of a redesign if it hopes to stay competitive. The truck still uses the same V8 engine as its sole option, though a Nissan exec told Edmunds that when the truck debuts, it will have more choices. The magic number in the segment right now is three, with Ram, Ford and Chevy all offering at least three engines for each of their half tons.

Packaging and models have also been an issue, as the Titan is only offered as an extended cab or crew cab. Nissan says that when the new Titan is unveiled, there will be a regular cab version, as well as lower priced models. The current Titan is not friendly to tradesman because of its packaging and high price, as “the plumber, the carpenter wouldn’t buy a Titan. We want to attract some of those people,” said said Pierre Loing, vice president of product and advanced planning and strategy for Nissan North America.

As the most profitable segment for the North American big three, Nissan wants another shot at getting a slice of the pie. “Reaching 100,000 is certainly possible,” said Loing. “We believe there might be a recipe to grab some of this huge segment.”

 [Source: Edmunds]

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