Nissan Details Datsun Revival Plans

Nissan is ramping up for the revival of its Datsun brand, which will hit the spotlight this year with its first product introductions.

Designed as a low cost brand for emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Russia, the Japanese automaker plans to introduce the first product of the new lineup in the middle of this year and will have vehicles on sale in 2014. The Datsun brand was originally phased out from 1981, when the name Nissan took over globally.

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TBWA Worldwide, the brand’s new agency of record, will setup a dedicated team for Datsun and will run its strategic and creative operations from London. To support the Datsun team in Japan, TBWA’s Tokyo affiliate, TBWA HAKUHODO will provide operational support in Japan.

“The company is counting on the Datsun brand to once again resonate with consumers in high-growth markets who seek attractive styling, an accessible price and – above all – an engaging driving experience,” said Vincent Cobee, corporate vice president and global head of the Datsun Business Unit. “The choice of brand name was obvious. The Datsun brand remains in our portfolio as one of the most cherished brands in automotive history. And the connection between the Datsun of today and the Datsun of yesterday is authentic. Just as consumers in the 1930s, 40s and 50s wanted high-quality, durable and reliable vehicles, potential customers in high-growth markets — who today have so few choices — are eager for such vehicles. We are confident that the new Datsun will meet these expectations,” he elaborated.

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