Rolls-Royce Wraith Teaser Reveals Entire Car… Sort of

If you’re feeling patient, there’s a teaser of the new Rolls-Royce Wraith that shows a side profile of the entire car – just not all at once.

The British super-luxury brand is resurrecting its Wraith nameplate — first used in 1938 — as a coupe version of its Ghost. Power will come from the same twin-turbo 6.6-liter V12 engine, which in that application offers 563 hp. Rolls says this will be its most powerful car ever — an assertion that hints at a version of the engine massaged to make more power despite actual figures remaining unreleased.

As the teaser pictured above shows, the car will be styled as a coupe version of the currently available Ghost. The car’s official debut is scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show in March. Click here to try your hand at wiping away for fog for a clearer picture.

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