Stricter Emissions Rules Mulled by EPA

Changes that will affect car manufacturers and fuel companies could be in the pipeline with the aim to avoid two sets of rules.

California’s more stringent carbon emissions rules mean automakers need to conform to two standards to sell cars Stateside. Now, they are lobbying for a standardized set of rules for tailpipe admissions as well.

“We have a proposal that’s reasonable, that’s cost-effective. We’ll be able to take comments and get it done,” Gina McCarthy head of the EPA air quality office said to Automotive News. “We think that provides the signal that the auto manufacturers are looking for, as well as everybody else.”

The proposal would require automakers to put more emissions controls on cars and trucks over the next few years. It was originally drafted in late 2011, but didn’t reach the White House until a year later. An unhappy oil industry caused the delay by publicly challenging it — the change would require cleaner gasoline too.

[Source: Automotive News]