Subaru BRZ Gazoo RA Race Model Released for Japan

Fans have been calling for higher-performing versions of the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S since their inception. Today, Subaru announced that a Gazoo Racing RA performance package will be available for the car.

At least for now, it will only be available in Japan. While the upgrades don’t touch the engine, they should be enough to help any BRZ driver shave off some extra seconds at the track.

For brakes, the car gets ventilated discs, and dedicated brake ducts to help cool keep brake fade to a minimum. An air-fed engine oil cooler is added just inside the grille. The car also gets a six-point roll cage, a FIA-spec four-point racing harness,  standard air conditioning and no radio.

Wheels were not discussed by Subaru, but judging from the picture, it looks like it comes with stock tires and a set of steel wheels. Presumably because most buyers will want to buy or already own their own racing rubber.

Pricing has been announced at 2,868,000 yen in Japan, which translates to about $31,500. There is no word yet on whether a tuned up version of the BRZ will make it to North America.

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