Toyota Corolla Furia a Design Concept: Toyota VP


The Corolla Furia Concept hints at much more than just the next generation of the popular Toyota compact sedan says company Senior Vice President Bob Carter.

The concept car, which made its global debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show on Monday, features a front-end design that’s similar to the Toyota Avalon full-size sedan. This similarity is the start of a trend we’ll soon see throughout the Toyota lineup says Carter.

Drawing a parallel, he says this new look for Toyota will become what the Spindle Grille has for Lexus, giving a consistent design that creates instant brand recognition on the road. During Lexus’ press conference at Detroit, Lexus Exec Mark Templin called the brand’s spindle grille “iconic”.

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Carter also deflected any comments that the Corolla was spurred on to be sportier and more design conscious by the competition, like the Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Dart and Ford Focus. He said that consumers are leaning towards more stylish and sportier looks. Carter also argued that the competition’s compacts have polarizing designs, and the final design of the next-gen Corolla will avoid that issue. How it will do that, without losing its edge, remains to be seen.

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The Toyota Corolla trails only the Honda Civic in global compact sales, and is the brand’s most important nameplate. Time will tell whether or not consumers take to the radical new look foreshadowed by the Furia Concept, but it’s very likely that the front-end design will be a shared element among the new generation of Toyota vehicles.



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Jim Hazen says:

Hey Toyota!  Build this car the way it looks now and give it a really good engine.  You shorted us on the Corolla GT-S by making it the Scion FR-S in the U.S.  Give us the Furia as it is, but again make sure you put some sports features (engine, gearing, suspension) into it for those of us that love the Saki Rockets of long ago.