Toyota Perceived Best by Consumers in 2013 Survey


Consumer Reports just released its 2013 Car-Brand Perception Survey, putting  Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Chevrolet head and shoulders above the industry. 

Of the four, Chevrolet scored the lowest with a rating of 94. The remaining three of the top four scored three-digit ratings with Toyota topping the list at 133. Scores reflect how consumers perceive each brand based on seven categories: quality, safety, value, performance, design and style, technology and innovation, and how environmentally friendly and green they seem.

Some brands still managed to score relatively high on the list despite having low scores in some categories. Volvo, for example, did well in the safety category, which helped it take sixth-place.

The survey polled 1,764 adults in households that have at least one car and Consumer Reports is quick to caution that this is information based on consumer perception and not necessarily actual quality.

While there weren’t any big surprises at the top, electric car manufacturer Tesla actually outscored a host of brands including Lexus, Subaru, Hyundai and many others.

Meanwhile, Ford managed to make it into the top four despite its serial recalls on the 2013 Escape.

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Danny says:

Perception and reality are two different things.  Kind of points out how gullible consumers are.