Vehicle Dealerships Fighting Against Recalled Rental Car Bill

Last year, major rental car companies agreed to leave recalled vehicles off their rental lots until they were repaired and now lawmakers want to make sure that everyone is on board.

That means car dealerships and smaller rental car companies must also agree to not sell or rent vehicles that have been recalled until they’re fixed. Those dealerships and small rental car companies, however, want to be able to sell, lend, or rent cars before they’re fixed.

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Existing law only currently requires that new vehicles with recalls are fixed before being sold; but a bill was proposed that would restrict car dealers and rental car companies of all sizes to have all vehicles repaired before sold or rented out.

Used car dealerships and smaller rental car companies don’t agree with the new bill based on how much longer it takes smaller companies to get parts compared to larger ones. In addition, used car dealerships are complaining that it’s difficult to keep track on what vehicles have recalls outstanding and which do not.

Either way, car dealers are fighting to get exempted from the legislation, which in all honesty, is being made to better protect the consumer and every on the roadways.

[Source: USA Today]

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