Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Commercial Sends Good Vibes


As Super Bowl commercials go, Volkswagen has had some entertaining spots over the last two years, and today the German brand released its latest commercial that will air at the upcoming 2013 Super Bowl.

Focusing not on one particular model, the Volkswagen commercial tries to instill happy feelings in everyone who watches it. Volkswagen managed to gather together a group of individuals who made themselves famous on YouTube for being particularly sad or angry, and tries to cheer them up by having reggae great Jimmy Cliff sing to them.

VW dropped its Star Wars theme this year, which it has used for the last two Super Bowls.

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The caption under the video reads, “In this pre-game release video Volkswagen and reggae legend Jimmy Cliff join together to infuse much-needed positivity and good vibes into a world that’s become awash with freak-outs, meltdowns, and temper tantrums over just about anything.”

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smartacus says:

Thanks VW I’ll remember this for a long time to come.
I never thought i could feel even LESS inclined to  buy a VW.
Go eat an excrement sandwich, you dope smoking, long-haired, maggot-infested, FM radio listening, post-modern-deconstructionists 🙁

Abozaid says:

Is this a joke?
What a waste of money for an ad that does not show a car.
Haven’t you learned form Infinity flop.??

Teckbot says:

It’s a happy go lucky, make you feel good ad. Like Coca Cola’s “I’d like a buy the world a Coke” back in the 80’s