2012 Hyundai Veloster Recalled for Shattering Sunroof… Again


Don’t worry if you look up at the panoramic sunroof in your Hyundai Veloster and it cracks — you’re (probably) not that ugly.

Hyundai is recalling 6,071 more of its 2012 Veloster hatchbacks because the panoramic sunroof might break.

The recall adds to a previous campaign affecting 13,500 of the Hyundai hatchbacks announced in December, 2012. The glass panels were weakened at the factory during installation and in this case the affected cars were manufactured between July 4 and October 31, 2011. Your car’s built date can be found on the sticker in the driver’s side doorjamb.

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Hyundai will begin notifying owners next month and will inspect and replace the sunroof glass assembly at no cost to owners.

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Scatman Ash says:

Taking mine in this Friday…fingers crossed. The bad thing is, the car roof has been fine for over a year. If they break it, gotta leave it for them to fix what THEY broke. I would rather drive with it and if it EVER breaks, then they replace it. Dropping a 2lb steel ball to test my roof doesn’t appeal to me, either.

Guest says:

Had this happen on the way to a conference for work. I was in the passenger seat of my co-workers car on the freeway and out of nowhere, the roof shattered and glass fell on both of us and all over the front and passenger seat. My co-worker received a minor cut on his forehead because of it.
Whats surprising is how it shattered. There were small shards of glass all over the place and not in the fashion you would expect glass like this to break, which is in cubes.