2013 Dodge Challenger gets two Heritage Color Options


Capitalizing on what is arguably a dwindling market segment, Dodge will offer the 2013 Challenger with two heritage colors: Plum Crazy (purple) and HEMI orange.

The Challenger is probably the truest muscle car in the classic sense of the term, and SRT CEO Ralph Gilles acknowledged that the buyer base for the Challenger is generally older than the Mustang and Camaro during a conversation on the sidelines of the Chicago Auto Show.

One of the brand’s new “core” performance models wore the Plum Crazy paint and Gilles said, the choice to offer both colors came directly from enthusiast demand.

Plum Crazy is available for order immediately and HEMI orange will be available in May, only for the HEMI powered models. Expect to pay a premium for the paint color, though. The base model mornally starts at $29,995 before delivery, but it will cost $33,995 dressed in Plum Crazy.

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