2013 Nissan Leaf Gets Bose Premium Sound System

The Nissan Leaf is bringing a name on board to its options list that might make your ears perk up: Bose.

For 2013, customers will be able to specify a special six-speaker Bose stereo for their new electric car.

Due to the Leaf being all-electric, the stereo setup was designed to be considerably more efficient than most high-quality stereos. Fitting the sub-woofer into the small rear cargo area was also a challenge for Nissan, solved by using a 4.5-inch woofer in a 6.2-liter custom-engineered Acoustic Waveguide bassbox.

The Bose stereo option will be part of the premium package which can only be had on the two top trim Leaf models, which are SV and SL.

Leafs are available in SV trim starting from $ 31,820, while the top-spec SL trim starts at $ 34,840. Currently, the premium package tacks an extra $1,050 to the price.

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