2014 Nissan 370Z NISMO Gets New Look, Same Awesome Performance


Unveiled today at the Chicago Auto Show, Nissan pulled the wraps off its latest NISMO-tuned products, including the Juke and the updated 2014 370Z.

And while the Juke represents the growth of the in-house tuner brand, the 370Z NISMO is its core, with Pierre Loing, VP of Product and Advanced Planning and Strategy at Nissan Americas stating at its reveal that, “The 370Z NISMO, since its introduction as part of the original Nissan 350Z lineup, has embodied the spirit of NISMO.” In fact, Nissan claims that a full 12 percent of all 370Zs sold last year were equipped with the high-performance package.

Power continues to come from a 3.7-liter V6 engine deliver 350 hp at 7400 rpm and 276 lb-ft of torque at 5200 rpm, thanks in part to a custom H-configured exhaust system. Of course the package also includes a six-speed manual transmission, custom sports suspension, upgraded brakes and stunning 19-inch wheels.

New for 2014 is a dark gray paint for the lower front and rear bumpers, as well as the side skirts, mirrors and aggressive NISMO rear spoiler. Plus, red pinstriping accents all of those items except for the side skirts. The same exterior paint colors (Pearl White, Magnetic Black and Gun Metallic) will be offered for 2014, with a new Solid Red replacing the old Magma Red color.

Inside, upgrades are limited to a new Alcantara steering wheel with red accenting, plus a NISMO tachometer.

GALLERY: 2014 370Z NISMO live pictures



2014-Nissan-370z-nismo-01.jpg 2014-Nissan-370z-nismo-02.jpg2014-Nissan-370z-nismo-03.jpg2014-Nissan-370z-nismo-badge.jpg2014-Nissan-370z-nismo-engine.jpg2014-Nissan-370z-nismo-wheels.jpg

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Art Woosley says:

 I saw the new 2014 Z car at the local dealership.  While it certainly is not a big change, Nissan sharpened it up and gave it really spectaculary wheels. In person, the car looks quite a bit better. The front facia is refreshed. The ‘A’ pillars are still way too bulky and obstruct vision as well as give the green house a chunky feel and appearance. The rear spoiler gives it a nice ‘bad boy’ look. Too bad Nissan did not up the power. 375 HP would have been nice.

535i says:

No direct injection? no turbo? fail.

DoctorFeelgoodMD says:

Added cost would sent this into the history books just like 300ZX TT. Same reason Toyota did not revise the Supra – too much money.  If people want turbos, aftermarket is the way to go.

scw211 says:

How much more does it cost to add $200 x 2 IHI turbos? Certainly cost was not a reason. If you can get away without adding turbos on a performance car you don’t add the turbos – look at the porsche GT3. More likely the VQ37 is a good motor and the chassis isn’t designed for 400+HP engine. As for the GTR it’s pretty mean on the track but coupled with the twin-clutch GR6 tranny and turbos it lags (and is clunky) on the street. 370Z owners would go ape$h1t on nissan if they had a car that clunked as much as the GTR. Also the fuel economy would likely be worse.

DoctorFeelgoodMD says:

The turbo would add $10k or more the the price. Nissan and Toyota also have commented on why they will not build a forced induction 370Z. Toyota will not build another Supra due to cost of development and never being able to make money on the model. I’m an x-Supra owner.

scw211 says:

I guess I can see that added $10k to the retail price assuming mfgs cost is 33% of MSRP turbos themselves probably cost $400/pair but the cost of intercooling, additional plumbing, strengthening the cylinder walls and gear box might add up to $3300. But that’s assuming you get a 400HP car. I don’t think it would have cost Nissan more than a few hundred dollars to produce a turbocharged 333hp Z but certainly it doesn’t make a whole lot of economic sense…

clayton carter says:

When will either one GT-R or nismo come said a convertible?

NJ ZGuy says:

Still no twin-clutch tranny similar to the GT-R or turbo option (sigh….)

Colum Wood says:

It’s just a mid-cycle update. Maybe for the next-generation model.

scw211 says:

This car is a crazy bargain at $29,999 MSRP. Especially with where the JPY is at…