2014 Toyota Corolla Images Leaked Through Forum


While Toyota won’t confirm it, the image above leaked through an enthusiast forum and is likely the 2014 Corolla.

“[We] can’t confirm that these are next gen Corolla images for either U.S. or elsewhere. Corolla has historically been visually different in various regions,” said Toyota division communications manager Greg Thome, when asked about the images.

According to the original forum poster, the pictures come from Poland, which means it is possible that this is a euro-spec car, and that the North American version may look different.

While the authenticity of the photos is not confirmed, the styling of the car would suggest that this is the 2014 Corolla based on the fact that it looks similar to the Furia concept, which the brand said was a precursor to the next-gen Corolla.

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Speaking with at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, a Toyota representative let slip that the new Corolla will achieve 40 mpg, and have improved driving characteristics that should bring it into the “fun to drive” category.

Toyota will be launching the new Corolla late in 2013.

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Mike S says:

Definitely a Euro version (size of license plates give it away).  Current spy shots reveal a totally different US-spec front fascia.  The overall shape, though, looks accurate.

bill says:

That’s not what it looks like I have seen it and it looks nothing like that car I work at Toyota manufacturing and have seen it inside and out