2014 Toyota Tundra Teased Before Chicago Debut


Toyota has redesigned its half-ton pickup truck, the Tundra, and the brand is now teasing it before it is uncovered next week at the Chicago Auto Show.

The teaser reveals the new Tundra logo, embossed into what is likely the tailgate of the pickup. Style wise the Tundra is expected to take on a more rugged angular look, foreshadowed in the lettering seen above which only uses hard angles and straight lines.

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As the first full redesign of the truck, it is expected to have some serious changes to keep it competitive with today’s half-tons. Hybrid power is the most widespread rumor, and seems feasible thanks to Toyota’s tie-ups with Ford regarding hybrid truck powertrains.

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TRD5.7 says:

As a Toyota tundra owner the Toyota Tundra Trd sport package is by far my favorite. Wish it had a push/ start button, carbon fiber interior, rear tail in the back, unique gauges, top speed of 160mph, Racing suspension, bigger ratio, pirelli tires, racing aerodynamics,

Elenora says:

i am here in the caribbean,i own 4 toyota trucks the reason why toyota truck run me 20 years hard farming work non stop , with over 350,000 miles still going no diffrence in pulling with a small amount of oil burnning ,keep head to head with new vehicles on the road ,no other brand  can do that ,toyota reputation hard to beat TOYOTA NO ONE.

Romafern says:

diesel pls!!!!! not hybrid crap. that is for corlla and prius models. if they hybrid this trk, they will loose money.

Ron says:

I am a Tundra owner and won’t consider another one unless they get some torque and better shift points.  It’s a great truck but won’t tow my travel 5000/3 trailer as well as the GM 1/2 ton with far less power.

Gsimpsonsr says:

I own an ’07 Crewmax with the 5.7 in it. I echo some of what TRD5.7’s comments; I have 381 hp but can only go 117? A Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra and Hyundai all have less horse power AND go faster. STUPID!

Why not push start? Keys are so out of the times. I can listen to music from coast to coast, I have airbags surrounding me and my passengers, I can get into my house or garage and most sercure areas with a palm or a retina scan but I still have to keep a key to my vehicle in my pocket? Dumb!

I’d like the option to change my gears from the beginning with the manufacturer rather than tearing a brand new rear end apart.

Gsimpsonsr says:

Also, the roof on the Crewmax is huge! How about an all glass roof like the Venza? People would LOVE that in a truck! I am currently shopping custom shops to see what it cost me to fabricate it on my truck.

TRD5.7 says:

It’s always great to contact Toyota and let them know what your interest are in a Tundra. I already contact them via email and thank me for my opinions. The only way we as a buyer get to have the options we want on our tundra is by letting them know. The more ideas we give the designers and engineers, the better for us. 🙂