2014 Toyota Tundra Video, First Look: 2013 Chicago Auto Show


Toyota dropped the newest version of the Tundra half-ton on us today at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. 

While the sheet metal is all new, under the hood lives the same three powertrains as the previous model. A new 1794 edition has also been introduced, complete with luxurious interior that will fight Ford’s King Ranch and Ram’s Long Horn Edition.

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 Ride quality has also been improved in the new Tundra, thanks to new shock-absorber valving and modified steering feel.

Watch our first look video below.

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Dale copier says:

looks ugly not built in a us owned factory your job and your mony go by by

uae boy says:

shoud be change the engine like gm 6.0 or 6.2

Webebob says:

Toyota Design Studio, your mommies and daddies spent hard-earned money sending you to top engineering and design colleges, your company spent billions on wind tunnels and CAD, just so’s you could redesign a truck back into the 3 box concept?  Where did that come from, design 101?

And dumbing down the steering wheel responsiveness?  Where did you find the stash of 1955 GM Engineering manuals on how to design a lead sled?

So, you designed a bigger box to push through wind, that the driver inputs a course correction to the wheel and nothing happens, you call it NEW and EXCITING, and the email adv I got from Toyota said the interior is SEXY?   OMG Toyota design must already be located in a state that legalized Marijuana!  Somebody’s been smoking some kind of wacky tabacky!

alejandro says:

i got some questions, what happen to the transmutation fluid temperature gauge? why are the front seats not ventilated also? why is the back seat not reclinable? why are the outside mirrors not power fold on the limited also? is the premium option avalible on all grades? is michelin coming out with a new AT/2 tire? if i don’t like the 2014, i will keep my 2011 platinum.!!!!!

Stwoodshop says:

webebob says it right

ckitout says:

I have leased work trucks for 20 years…Always changing between Ford and GM. A few years back I chose Tundra because the other two also did not change anything with the new. Now it will be very hard-pressed to ever go back. I’m in MI and many Tundra parts are made here and assembled in Texas. Having friends and family working in auto industry – I can safely say.. they really like the good paying jobs and the work environment is very good. Finally, the Ford would limp back in at lease end. I’m on my 3rd Tundra lease and they drive THE SAME as I got them lease end. Each time selling the leased truck to the used car dept and receiving a couple grand!!! above residual..used for down pmt on next truck. And yep, I won the gas-class truck pull..dragging the others across the parking lot, hitch to hitch. The others are mostly made in Canada and Mexico, too. Sorry, but it’s an awesome truck. Don’t try one if you “think” you have your mind set on Big 3, like I did! Just got my 2013 .. It rocks!

JerM says:

I don’t like this kid (i.e. presenter/promoter/reviewer/fat curly headed… hm … he reminds me of a hobbit/Jonah Hill’s younger brother via Super Bad.) Any way… here’s what I think about the 2014 Tundra-no-diesel, for what it is worth…

It is certainly a shame they did not upgrade the mechanical or powertrain options available for the Tundra. Since they did NOT it is therefore a further shame it will be unable to compete with the sizable diesel market controlled by American automakers. While the “ventilated seats” (alejandro) is a nice fantasy that is hardly a make or break for an American consumer, if you choose your car based solely on “ventilated” seats you should stray away from buying a work truck altogether.

Here is my analogy to summarize…

Mickey R. may have gotten work done but he still acts just the same…

Here is an afterthought…

I am going to buy this year’s (2013), send it down to John Hennessey’s shop in Texas and get it Supercharged to 500+ hp and come back with a better truck than Toyota can offer straight off the line.

JerM says:

BTW… way to take the Silverado’s taillights from LAST YEAR….. holy mother of… America????