Acura ILX Won’t Get Early Refresh Says Exec


With disappointing sales, the Acura ILX will not join the Honda Civic in getting an early refresh.

Despite a recent report that tweaks were coming to update the next entry-level model, Acura Canada VP Ryan Kelly denied that a rushed facelift was in the works.

“The ILX will follow the same refresh cycle as any other model,” Kelly said to during an interview at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. Acura’s parent company, Honda recently refreshed the Honda Civic for 2013, following critical reviews on the product which debuted in 2012. The new Civic now features better value features like more generously equipped trim levels.

The ILX, which is based on the Civic, was expected to get some changes, especially with packaging. Currently, the 200-hp, 2.4L engine is only available with a manual transmission, something that consumers don’t really appreciate. This engine option is meant to be the sportier model, although choosing to buy it restricts the consumer from getting the tech package, which adds navigation.

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There have been reports that Acura will drop the 2.4L since sales are so low, although giving that engine an automatic transmission is another option.

However, these comments by the VP of Acura Canada hints strongly that such a move will come during the regular refresh interval, and likely won’t hit consumers for another two years.

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Jcast says:

Too bad .. a slight tweaking by June, 2013 would do. The headlights/taillights need an LED look … ala the Audis/BMW’s. The 2.4 engine should be offered with AT & the Homelink should be standard with the premium pkg. Instead of requiring premium fuel for the 2.0 engine, just boost the HP/Torque apprx. 20% & require regular fuel … Entry level buyers do look at the price of fuel! 

Iana36 says:

I always understood an engine replacement would come along in the form of the direct injection when available.  I like the ILX but would like to see an effort made to reduce road noise.      

Guest says:

This is the VP of Canada we’re talking about, so I would take this with a grain of salt.  Honda is listening closely to it’s customer base about their products, so I would expect a lot of tweaking once the 2014 model arrives.  Remember, they put this car out before all the Earth Dreams tech was ready to keep it on schedule and Honda has said that as soon as the upgrades are ready they will implement them.