Acura Won’t Compete in Small Crossover Segment: Exec

With luxury rivals Buick, Mercedes and Audi all readying sub-compact utility vehicles, Acura is content with its current crossover lineup.

“We’re pretty confident with our current offerings,” says Acura Canada VP Ryan Kelly. “We think the MDX and RDX cover the whole spectrum of those kinds of buyers.”

The compact luxury market is expected to be a hotly contested battleground within the next year, with mini-SUVs and crossovers playing a large part. Buick is releasing the Encore this year, Mercedes is launching the A-class based GLA crossover and Audi is sending the Q3 stateside late this year or early next. And all those models are late to the party with BMW already selling the X1 on our shores.

Kelly described the Acura SUV lineup as versatile enough to deliver a luxury experience to those who want a five-seater with the RDX and a seven-seater with the upcoming 2014 Acura MDX.

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However, there are a few holes in Acura’s lineup. While the Acura RDX is based on the Honda CR-V crossover, it’s far less fuel efficient than its Honda brother, due to its big V6 engine and premium fuel requirement. With the Acura ZDX no longer being offered due to poor sales, there might be space in Acura’s lineup for another SUV or crossover.

Lately, Honda has been showcasing its Urban SUV Concept, a Honda Fit based SUV that’s a confirmed for production. Naturally, a more upscale Acura would make sense (the concept even shares some Acura-like design cues) but these recent comments from Acura Canada’s VP say otherwise. This decision is even more confusing in light of the new ILX premium compact that was released last year, which was Acura’s first move down-market in the US.

GALLERY: Honda Urban SUV Concept

honda-urban-suv-concept-1.jpghonda-urban-suv-concept-2.jpgHonda-Fit-Crossover-02.JPGUrban-SUV-Concept (1).JPGUrban-SUV-Concept (12).JPGUrban-SUV-Concept (3).JPGUrban-SUV-Concept (4).JPG

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