BMW 3 Series GT Reveal Rushed Ahead Of Geneva Debut


BMW‘s answer to more versatile and stylish entry-level luxury compacts might be on its way sooner than expected. 

Rumors are pointing to the German automaker unveiling the new hatchback this week, instead of at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Sources connected to Autocar also have expanded details of the new 3 Series GT, saying that the vehicle will have finely tuned proportions in comparison to the 5 Series GT. What this means is that the new car will be 7.87 inches longer than the 3 Series wagon that it’s based on. The wheelbase is also extended over the wagon by 4.3 inches. Expect the GT to be about 3 inches taller than the wagon, and just under an inch wider.

The GT is also said to have a higher seat position, and more rear-passenger leg-room. The 3 Series GT will also feature more cargo room in the trunk. Expect the same three option of gas powered engines, that are currently available in the U.S. Of course, European buyers will also get diesel options.



[Source: Autocar]

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MistyGreen says:

Oh come on.  Did they think people liked the 5 GT?  Just stop now…