Cadillac ATS Boosts Brand to Best Sales Month in 23 Years

The old addage “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” seems to apply to more than just racing. After being named the 2013 North American Car of the Year, the Cadillac ATS sport sedan has helped the American luxury brand have its best sales month in 23 years. 

Cadillac U.S. sales increased by 47 percent in January and the automaker estimates that it gained approximately three percentage points of share in the luxury market domestically. 94 percent of Cadillac’s sales in January were retail, the highest since 1990.

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“The award-winning ATS and the consistently strong SRX crossover drove a surge in demand this month,” said Chase Hawkins, vice president of Cadillac sales. “When you look inside the numbers, we’re even more encouraged to see our products building momentum, drawing new luxury consumers and expanding our brand.”

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As for General Motors, retail sales were up 24 percent and the American automaker moved a total of 194,699 vehicles in January. Car sales were up 12 percent compared to last year, while truck sales increased by 13 percent. Crossover sales saw an increase of 27 percent compared to 2012 while GM’s full-size pickups went up 32 percent.

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