Cadillac Ranch Could be Shut Down

The iconic Cadillac Ranch located just west of Amarillo, Texas is in danger of being shut down amidst sexual abuse allegations against Stanley Marsh 3.

Home to 10 Cadillacs that are iconically planted nose first in the desert, the Cadillac Ranch was financed by Marsh and as a result has become collateral damage in the allegations against him. Over the past 20 years, Marsh has fought allegations that he sexually assaulted minors, but recent ones appear to be heading to court.

Despite being so influential to the small city, Marsh is now under fire as residents have protested against the man and the Cadillac Ranch for the first time. Houston lawyer, Anthony G. Buzbee is representing a group of 10 teenage boys accusing him of sexually assaulting them and Buzbee has his eyes set on more than just Marsh and the Cadillac Ranch.

“When people find out what this man is really like, they’ll want to come out and help me bulldoze the place,” Buzbee told Texas Monthly in an interview. “We do not need a monument that honors an alleged child predator.”

[Source: Texas Monthly]

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