“Defiance” Dodge Charger is a Post-Apocalyptic Crime Fighting Machine

Hollywood and the automobile industry share a rich history. Since the first motion pictures debuted cars have played a starring role, something that’s still true today, especially on the small screen.

Working the television angle, Dodge has partnered with the Syfy Channel on a new show called Defiance. The program takes place in dark and devastated St. Louis 35 years in the future. It highlights the exploits of a crime fighter named Nolan and his law-enforcement machine, a specially modified Dodge Charger, which was prominently displayed at the Chicago Auto Show.

The car looks like it survived Armageddon, or at least an apocalyptic meteor shower and mud tsunami. It has a deliberate, over-the-top patina and features bumper bars, a partial roll cage and knobby tires that should have been mounted on a Jeep Wrangler. Even with rough-and-ready rubber we suspect this Charger is NOT “Trail Rated.”


Taking the Defiance franchise one step further, a video game of the same name is also part of the mix. Available for pre-order right now, it’s offered for the Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Surprisingly, these two disparate forms of media are actually tied together. Viewers that watch the show can get clues to puzzles and challenges in the game, which is a pretty innovative tie-in.

Defiance debuts April 15 on the Syfy Channel, the same day your taxes are due. The game is set to hit store shelves about two weeks before the TV show premieres.

GALLERY: Defiance Dodge Charger


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