Elon Musk Publishes Final Note on Tesla vs. New York Times


As the saga between Tesla and The New York Times comes to an end (allegedly), Tesla CEO Elon Musk has released a final, final note on the controversy.

Recently, the publication released a statement in regards to the article, stating that Public Editor John Broder had “problems with precision and judgment,” “took casual and imprecise notes,” and made “few conclusions that are unassailable.” Over last week, several other publications did the same drive as Broder, as did several Tesla Model S owners in order to compare their data with The New York Times.

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Musk took the time to thank The New York Times for looking into the matter, as well as the other publications that did their own individual tests. And of course, he also thanked the rally of hundreds of Tesla customers that helped recreate the same route Broder had driven just to prove a point.

You can read more on Musk’s statement by following the source link below.

[Source: Tesla]

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Noe Japan says:

Tesla owners obviously have little else to do if they can recreate the same journey …. How boring