Ferrari F150 Engine Sounds Amazing – Video

Ferrari’s Enzo successor might still be a few weeks away from its Geneva debut, but a new clip below confirms the obvious: it sounds great.

Details leaked last week offering an idea of what to actually expect when the car is unveiled. The V12 engine, which red lines at 9,200 rpm, makes 800 hp while its KERS hybrid system can pump another 150 hp into the mix. It’s top speed is said to be around 230 mph and pricing was announced to be around $1.6 million during the event where the information leaked.

Exciting as that news is, few of the car’s inevitable fan base will ever sit in its fixed seats, let along behind the wheel. On the other hand, they will get the chance to hear its engine wail all the way up to its limit, hopefully in person. For now, there’s a clip of the car testing and sounding fantastic.

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