Ford ‘Fiesta Movement’ Revived For Fresh Marketing

Ford is back to its old tricks this year as it announces a plan to revive the “Fiesta Movement” campaign it used four years ago to introduce the sub-compact to U.S. buyers.

Unlike the previous campaign, Ford says this will exclusively feature user-generated content. The plan will pluck 100 social media influencers from the internet and give them each a car to borrow for six months with free gas and insurance. Ford expects those 100 people to document their experience in the car through social media over that time.

“Fiesta was designed to reflect the individuality of the customer, so we feel the marketing efforts should give the reins to the people who will be driving it,” Ford marketing executive Jim Farley said in a press release.

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This year’s event will partner with major TV events like the X Games, American Idol and Tennessee’s Bonnaroo music festival among others.

The brand said some participants from the previous Fiesta Movement will get cars, while other influencers will include currently unnamed celebrities and current Fiesta owners. Participants will carry out a series of “missions” for Ford that will be documented to be seen on TV shows, social media sites and in paid advertisements.

GALLERY: 2014 Ford Fiesta sedan


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