Ford to Have 900 EV-Certified Dealerships by Spring

By spring, Ford will have more than 900 dealers certified to sell its plug-in vehicles, or about a third of the American automaker’s dealers.

In November, 2012, Ford had about 200 dealers that were EV Certified and is currently ahead of where the American automaker projected it to be. Currently Ford has two plug-in vehicles available: the Ford Focus Electric and the C-Max Energi. Later this year, the Fusion Energi will join the lineup.

Increased demand for electrified vehicles has expedited the EV-certification process for its dealerships, which includes installing at least two on-site charging stations, including one in the customer parking area and one in the service department. In addition, dealerships must keep at least one of each plug-in vehicle in stock for demonstrations. Finally, 80 percent of the dealership’s sales consultants, sales managers, service managers, and service advisers must take specialized training in vehicle electrification.

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According to the American automaker, its shares of electrified vehicles increased three percent in April, 2012, to nearly 16 percent in December. Much of those sales are attributed to its hybrid models including the C-Max Hybrid and the Fusion Hybrid.

[Source: Automotive News]

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