Global RallyCross Gets Legit

Global RallyCross has named SCCA Pro Racing as its sanctioning body, and SCCA Pro Racing will provide sanctioning for all nine rounds of the 2013 GRC Championship.

For the three international rounds planned in Brazil, Spain, and Germany, the SCCA will work with local sporting authorities. The association will also license all GRC drivers and will also provide FIA licenses for drivers competing in international events. SCCA is also a member with the Automobile Competition Committee for the United States (ACCUS) and the National Sporting Authority for the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in the USA.

“SCCA was a logical choice for us and we look forward to working together with them as we expand our series,” Colin Dyne, CEO of GRC said. “Through our relationship with SCCA Pro Racing, GRC will now be an FIA recognized series which is an important step for international growth.”

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