GM Aims to Boost 2013 Plug-In Hybrid Sales 20 Percent


There’s a fat growth margin in mind at General Motors for plug-in hybrid sales in 2013.

Roughly 30,000 Volts and Opel Amperas sold in 2012, and Bloomberg reports that GM plans to build 20 percent more in 2013 according to an unnamed source. That might be within the brand’s grasp considering the same source said GM aims to built between 1,500 and 3,000 of the cars per month.

Last year, Chevrolet sold 23,461 Volts in the U.S., but sales were partially hampered by temporary production shutdowns last year.

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“We had some on and off starts with the assembly plant,” GM small cars marketing director Cristi Landy said. “California, which is our strongest market, was selling great then they would have no products. They’ve run out of products probably three or four times in the last 12 months, it’s been very frustrating.”

But the sales battle has been an uphill one for the Volt since it first went on sale. A car aimed at taking on Toyota’s behemoth Prius hybrid, Chevrolet has much ground to cover. Last year, Prius sales were 10 times greater than the Volts. Of course, that includes the entire Prius family. It’s also not a fair comparison because the Volt is still an industry fledgling beside the entrenched Prius.

Perhaps the best indicator is that Volt sales more than tripled last year compared to 2011 — it’s first year of sales.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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Vatcha says:

Well a little dose of realistic thinking.  I expect this goal will be a disappointment to both Volt proponents and detractors.  And in some strange way that lends it a bit of credibility.