Jaguar 3 Series Rival to be Design Leader


Jaguar needs to compete with volume kings like the BMW 3 Series to further its resurgence and the British brand will leverage sex appeal above all else.

“Design has got to be a benchmark,” said Jaguar North American CEO Andy Goss on the sidelines of the Chicago Auto Show. “We know the areas,” he said, but declined to go into specific detail about the car before emphasizing again that the Jaguar needs to set the design bar.

But just like bimbos in tight animal print pants often learn, looks alone can’t keep you floating long.

Jaguar is ready for that too, though.

“I think increasingly… if you want to compete with the Germans, if we’re going to live our true brand promise of actually having a car that’s very emotionally engaging, driving dynamics is really, really key,” Goss said.

Then again, that’s easier said than done. Makers often try and fail to recreate benchmark Bimmer driving dynamics. Lexus, for example, has long struggled to do that with the IS.

Key as driving dynamics will be for Jaguar, it won’t need to be the car’s main focus. Speculating about how a car that doesn’t exist will drive is silly, but Goss hinted at how brand engineers will think while building the German compact competitor.

“When you drive the F-Type, you’ll know all the work the engineers have put in there to make sure [it] really is a bonified true sports car,” Goss said. “Realistically, the same type of process will have to apply to a 3 Series [competitor].”

Sadly, he also said an M3 competitor isn’t likely.