Jeep Wrangler Diesel Under Consideration


Depending on how successful the sales are for the Grand Cherokee diesel, Jeep may bring a Wrangler diesel to market.

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup sees the addition of a 3.0-liter diesel engine with 420 lb-ft of torque while maintaining an impressive 30 mpg on the highway. Leaked pricing shows that the Grand Cherokee diesel would fetch a $4,500 premium over the standard, gasoline V6 option.

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Of course, the extra torque offered by a diesel powerplant as well as its fuel economy would make a great fit for the Wrangler. The high torque would be of great value to Wrangler off-roaders, and is something that Wrangler customers have been clamoring for over the years.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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Chrispaine97 says:

If they put a small Cummins diesel in the wrangler I will buy one!!!!

BobbyOne says:

That’s stupid… I think the Wrangler Diesel would be a better starting
point for offering the a diesel in the Jeep as all the off-roaders would
eat it up… I have a 06 Wrangler and am always seeing in the forums
and Jeep magazines articles, write-ups, and discussions about diesel swaps…
Hell, the American public needs diesel shoved down their throats
whether they want them or not. Get over the “change/ something new”
anxiety-syndrome and just do it. It’s better for the environment, there for better for the public/ consumer/ YOU anyway. – Might be a higher fuel-price than gasoline… But I think it’s about time we bite the bullet on this one already…

Bckarpman says:

If you look at ARB videos ,those Ausie 4×4’s are always diesel, whats up with this country? We should demand more diesel

Cris says:

what it is also strange is that, in Europe, the Wrangler Diesel is a reality. The engine is a VM Motori engine, same supplier of the new GrandC.. and VM Motori is owned (51%) by FIAT, that means that also the engine is an internal business. With the ever increasing demand of diesel engine in the US it is beyond my comprehension why Jeep/Chrisler are not feeding the market with a product that they already have.. please note that the engine I am refering to, an i4 2.8l, is by no means a powerhouse (200HP – dont remember torque) but it also not too heavy compared to the Pentastar so, again, it is a matter of packing up the engine, ship them to the US, get them adapted to the local pollution requirements (so you have a CA compliant model and all) and you are done..

De Jager Laubscher says:

Well here in South Africa we also have the VM Motori i4 2.8 CRD Diesel Wranglers, They are awesome, but we only get the Sahara’s in Diesel, Everyone wants a Diesel Rubicon.
I so hope Jeep will see that there is a great need for a Diesel Rubicon, I know people that bought other brands just because they could not get a Diesel Rubicon