Koenigsegg Drops a Teaser for 2013 Geneva Motor Show


Koenigsegg Automotive is asking us to celebrate “0-100-10” at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, releasing a teaser image featuring carbon fiber with yellow stripes.

At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg showed off a render for its 100th car, so chances are, we’ll get to see the Swedish automaker’s 100th creation at this year’s show. As for the 10? Speculation is abound, but it could mean that Koenigsegg will launch a limited collection of 10 vehicles to commemorate its 100th car.

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[Source: Koenigsegg Facebook]

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Jav Christensen says:

I Think -10 is for the (0-100) cars that was never made ´(#000, #007, #008, #013 and #024-#029?)