Lamborghini Urus Plug-in Hybrid Planned With 670-HP

If the Lamborghini Urus gets the green light, a plug-in hybrid variant will be part of the lineup for the exotic SUV according to the Italian automaker.

The Volkswagen Group recently gave the approval for a Bentley crossover codenamed Falcon, which will be developed alongside the Urus. Both crossovers will also share cost-intensive components with Audi models as well.

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As for what will power the plug-in hybrid, rumor has it that a V8 engine will be paired with electric motors for a combined output of around 670 hp. According to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, the Urus will share the modular platform developed for the next-generation Audi Q7. The Urus however will have a shorter wheelbase than the Q7.

“For its mission and packaging, Urus is the perfect solution. It anticipates the near future, primarily when it comes to consider the current and upcoming limitations in some markets,” said Winkelmann in a recent interview. “Our plug-In hybrid cuts on [fuel] consumption and emissions but will do it with smaller engines.”

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