McLaren P1 Interior Revealed Before Geneva Debut

The McLaren P1 will be revealed to the world at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in production form, and today the brand is giving us a sneak preview by unveiling the interior of the car. 

Designed to feel like the cockpit of a fighter jet, the McLaren P1 has a long windshield and overhead glass canopy to maximize visibility. Just like in its monocage chassis, carbon fiber is used extensively throughout the interior, with the dashboard, floor, headlining, doors, and rockers being made of the light-weight material.

To further shave off an extra 3 lbs., the top layer of resin has been removed from the interior carbon fiber, giving it a more natural look. Sound deadening is non-existent on the P1, yet another tactic to shave off the pounds.

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The seats use the smallest amount of foam possible, and are encased in carbon fiber shells. They are fitted at 28 degrees from the vertical, but can be adjusted to 32 degrees to allow for helmet space. The height of the seat will be custom fitted to the specific driver and passenger, and can only be adjusted in the McLaren shop. Fixings for a six-point racing harness are in place .

The steering wheel is finished in Alcantara, with carbon fiber inserts.

GALLERY: McLaren P1 Interior


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