MINI Diesel Models Likely Headed to America


MINI has been mulling over bringing diesel models to America for quite some time now, and the British automaker might finally pull the trigger with its next wave of new models.

Recently, MINI product manager Patrick McKenna discussed MINI’s future including the expansion to 10 models in the automaker’s lineup. Once again, McKenna expressed MINI USA’s interest in bringing diesel models to the States, but reiterated that it wouldn’t be coming with the current generation of MINIs.

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The reason lies with design issues associated with the bluetech solution, which uses urea injection to reduce CO2 emissions. Simply put, there’s no place to put the technology in the current generation of vehicles, but MINI engineers are actively ensuring that it’ll be incorporated for next-generation models.

Another argument however about diesels with MINIs, is how more fuel efficient future MINI models will become, in addition to lightening their weight. The combination of the two will give MINIs diesel-like performance and fuel efficiency, though the smaller powerplants will undoubtedly lack the torque diesel models have to offer. So will the extra torque and just the fact that it’s a diesel be enough to help it sell in America? Time will tell.

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tostas says:

 “urea injection to reduce NOX emissions.”

jbaillie says:

Please bring to the US. I have been wanting the diesel for 4 years…but can’t get it here. Please

Erica says:

Please bring to the US it’s the only reason my husband will not purchase one

Dean says:

I won’t buy one until I get purchase a diesel in the US Just on principle, cars today just have to get better mileage!

Diesel_FTW says:

With the more strict 2014 Euro standards, they’ll have to design urea systems into the next gen Minis anyway. I would expect that to be when diesel Minis have a chance of making it over.

seenmuch says:

First off, in the real world none of the current gasoline powered offerings will ever come close the 50s to 60s mpgUS that a diesel in this car would see in the real world.

Diesel offerings like this would show how bad of joke all of the current hybrids are compared to what you can achieve with any of the bluetec or similar diesels offered around the world today..

If we would fix the less than useless current EPA test this would become apparent! The current test regime is low by about 20-30 % on all of the current sold in the US diesels today. The current test also gives automatic diesels a rating that is low by at least 10-20 %.

The current 2014 6 spd manual trans Passat TDI-CR is rated only at 30 city/38mixed/42 highway.

If we had a real test that gave diesels a rating they can actually see that would be 36 city/45 mixed/50 highway.

The automatic version of this car would be 36 city/40-42 mixed/48 highway. And those numbers are conservative compared to what the average driver will see.

In the real world You can’t make these cars see as low as the current rating so they are today not being represented to public as the fuel sippers they really are!